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Welcome to OutSqaure Care


OutSquare’s telemedicine platform is a white label software platform integrated with all the features and functions you need to practice any form of medicine suitable for virtual care As a software provider, we don’t offer medical services we simply provide the technology to fully virtualize your clinic The platform’s single, intuitive interface enables an efficient, effective, easy to use virtual visit for both patient and provider

  • Collect qualitative & quantitative patient data to host on high-availability HIPAA-compliant secured clouds with encryption.
  • Offers clinical portal users a simple, intuitive and efficient system, and patients a senior- friendly mobile app.
  • Secured messaging without having to provide personal phone numbers to patients..

In case of emergency call (516) 6304 025)OR SEND US A MESSAGE

OutSquare Telemedicine Main Features

It is the people who make Medicenter what it is and we are extremely proud of the archievements of our
staff. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing the best possible care.


    Use our intuitive scheduling tool to setup appointments.


    Create and publicize your public profile.


    Ability to promote your practice.

How it works for Patients

It is very simple to use for patients to book a video consultation appointment and get into a video conference with doctors!

    • Find a Doctor

      Find a Doctor

      Our goal is to provide a patient-centered medical home for all patients

    • View Profile

      View Profile

      Effective and affordable treatment for non-life threatening illnesses

    • Book Appointment

      Book Appointment

      Offers a wide array of reliable lab and diagnostic imaging services

How it works for Doctors

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Innovative EHR For A Workflow That Works Seamlessly

OutSquare EHR is an intuitive, blockchain enabled HIT solution that offers a complete, integrated software product for clinics and practitioners. The secure, efficient, and active sharing of electronic health information pertaining to when and where it is needed, is a key component of healthcare system reform that Out Square EHR proposes. The widespread adoption and use of interoperable HIT will enable individuals, providers, and entities to capture, exchange, and use valuable health information to improve decision-making; deliver more effective, patient-centered care; and implement systems and processes to measure and improve health care quality and efficiency.

Hours of a practice weekly spent on medical billing tasks 20%
income lost due to incorrect coding. 30%
revenue diverted by practitioners for accurate payments. 14%