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With Telemedicine and Blockchain as a Service

We develop comprehensive solutions that healthcare practitioners can adopt and deploy with ease. Our software can be seamlessly integrated into your practice. For this purpose we have developed bespoke solutions to transform the way you practice and deliver healthcare: Blockchain as a Service OutSquare BaaS, OutSquare MindHelp and OutSquare TeleMed

OutSquare BaaS

Secure distributed ledger tools for the healthcare industry

OutSquare MindHelp

Provide in-person and virtual consultations with experienced therapists more effectively

OutSquare TeleMed

Practice in-person and virtual healthcare more effectively

Blockchain as a Service

Secure distributed ledger tools for the healthcare industry

We believe that blockchain can help launch a new healthcare ecosystem. Our purpose is to provide healthcare providers with the foundation to solid blockchain based solutions for the healthcare industry. Through OutSquare BaaS we aim to make medical data transparent and reliable. As a result, we accelerate the healthcare delivery process

Public Blockchain

Ensure the transparency of your medical records with public blockchains. Our custom network allows you to read, write and validate data across the network whilst maintaining your information private.

Private Blockchain

Control user access and authorization to view and modify medical data via permissioned blockchains. Our network ensures that only authorized members can become participants keeping your data safe.

Scalable and Robust

Our network’s architecture allows only endorsers and committers permission to view the transaction. Hence, our platform requires less levels of trust making it easy to optimize our solution’s performance.

Electronic Health Records

Our EHR software is in its development phase. Designed to solve the burnout dilemma physicians face as a result of obsolete design and awkward user experience, it will improve physician connectivity to medical records for more accurate diagnosis and patient outcomes. OutSquare EHR will be the access point that brings medical records from hospitals, specialists, and primary care, together.

OutSquare EHR

Cryptographically Secured Medical Records

Patient Scheduling

Users can register, schedule, and choose specialties conveniently, our software is user-friendly. Moreover, we help you reduce time lost because of no-shows through our automated appointment reminder system.

Patient Encounter

Patient encounters become efficient, and error-free through our swift charting process. Moreover, we will provide up-to-date patient records with information on drugs consumed, allergies, current health problems, immunization, and much more.

Patient Workflow Tracking

Reduce errors and track the in-flow of patients. OutSquare EHR helps you identify bottlenecks that are tampering with your clinic’s productivity. And, it streamlines repetitive tasks to reduce delays in healthcare delivery.

Real-time Reporting

Access patient records and financial data in real-time. In addition, get data-driven insights, and evidence-based advice for decision making through sophisticated big data and analytics integrated with our EHR software.

Task Management

We have designed an intelligent framework to simplify auxiliary activities. Our notification system was designed to provide reminders to sign notes, review test findings, approve prescriptions and respond to patient comments.

Communication & Care Coordination

We make data more accessible by facilitating the recording, sharing, and updating of data in real-time. Our interoperable software allows patient-to-physician and physician to physician communication more effective.


We want to help healthcare providers become a part of the healthcare revolution. With more patients migrating to virtual care we want to help providers launch their services online through our white-label software platform. With our easy-to-implement platform, we can help you create a gateway for your clinic to improved healthcare delivery.    

Virtual Appointments

Consult with licensed physicians at your convenience by booking an appointment directly from doctor profiles or our search engine. In addition to a notification system for healthcare providers and patients, we have integrated an intelligent scheduler to manage appointment conflicts.

Secured Chat

Interact, share images and video with healthcare providers directly with the chosen healthcare provider through our encrypted chat. Users receive incoming message alerts on our mobile and web platform. Moreover, the chat log is available for future reference.

Video consultation

We facilitate patient-physician interaction via our high-quality video calls. This way healthcare providers can consult and monitor patient symptoms remotely. At the same time, physicians can check on more patients. What’s more, OutSquare TeleMed can be accessed through Android, iOS, or laptop.


Patients today are more aware of how telemedicine works and that is why they expect a virtual clinic to build trust with them, make them feel comfortable, and of course, run efficiently. Thanks to OutSquare’s TeleMed platform I can consult with patients, work from home and spend more time with my family.

Gregory Maxwell, MD


OutSquare TeleMed is a versatile tool that has allowed me to remotely monitor patients, save time during followups and, has given me the freedom to practice virtually and in person. It has helped my practice grow like never before.
Dr. Vincent Brandeis, MD


OutSquare is an investment worth making. I have been using OutSquare TeleMed for a while and, it has helped me see more patients, get more returns, and generally helped me become more efficient as a professional.

Sarah Abbott, MD



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