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Today’s patients are demanding healthcare that adapts to their needs and lifestyle. They do not want to spend long hours commuting to or waiting for a consultation. OutSquare TeleMed is an application that provides healthcare practitioners to fulfill patient requirements by giving them the freedom to practice virtually.

Through our unparalleled application, physicians can consult with patients anywhere, anytime. Moreover, to facilitate both patients and providers, we have designed our software to be platform-independent so it can be accessed through any device.

Appointment Scheduling

Book appointments through our search engine or directly from a doctor’s profile with ease. Our smart scheduler was created to manage conflicts, overruns and provide reminders for physicians and patients.

Virtual appointments

Prevent delays patients experience in waiting rooms and consult with patients through our high-quality video and audio enabled platform. Our software also allows physicians to remotely monitor patient symptoms.

Secure Chats

Our encrypted chat allows secure patient-physician communication via text, audio messages and videos. Users can choose to receive alerts and have access to the log of interaction with their healthcare providers.

Platform Independent

To provide patients with flexibility, we have developed OutSquare TeleMed so that it can be accessed via a laptop or mobile phone. It is compatible with Android iOS, Windows and Mac.

Secure and Private

We believe in consumer data protection. Our software prioritizes your medical and personal data’s safety. Which is why we have ensured that our software is compliant with HIPAA, PHIPA and HITECH.

Paid Promotion

To promote the services of our premium members, their profile will appear at the top of search results, when users search for their desired physicians.

More than just a virtual clinic

We believe that mobile healthcare is the future. Thus, we have created a simple yet intuitive application that can help healthcare providers schedule, communicate and consult with patients. OutSquare TeleMed can help hospitals, single and multi-specialty practices accelerate the process of virtualizing their clinic.

As a result, physicians can provide consultations, remotely monitor chronic patients as well as outpatients and guide patients in real-time. OutSquare TeleMed also reduces time wasted because of no-shows through its intelligent scheduler.

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