OutSquare EHR is an intuitive, blockchain enabled HIT solution that offer a complete, integrated software product for providers. On choosing our EHR, you get to benefit from its Advanced AI that evolves as it learns from you, and pinpoints outliers or abnormalities in the data that is too huge for a human to analyze. Providers will be able to schedule their day to day appointments, resolve any scheduling conflicts and make the best use of their time by knowing about no shows, beforehand. There is an option of customizing health plans for patients on the go, and creating prescriptions for patients, building lists of recommended medications from well reputed local pharmacies, and sharing those prescriptions readily. OutSquare EHR will be blockchain enabled, which implies that you can rest assured about data safety and integrity. Patient data will be accessible through permission and this will result in secure document exchange.


OutSquare Telemedicine Main Features

    • Video Appointments:

      Video Appointments:

      • Triage patients quickly without office visits
      • Remote symptom monitoring
      • Keep clinicians more safe
      • Allow affected clinicians to keep seeing patients remotely
      • Works on Android & iOS; Works on PCs and Macs

    • Secure Chat:

      Secure Chat:

      • Secure encrypted chat with the ability to share images and videos
      • Complete log of all interactions and encounters
      • available to both parties for future reference
      • Incoming message alerts on web platform as well as mobile
      • Ability to set quite hours for suppressing alerts

    • Scheduling


      • Book an appointment directly from your doctor’s profile or search for a healthcare provider by specialty
      • Intelligent scheduler manages conflicts and appointment overruns
      • Creates alerts for both healthcare provider and patients for upcoming appointments

    • Paid Promotion:

      Paid Promotion:

      • Patients and other users can search for healthcare providers based on specialty or geographic location etc
      • Healthcare providers can promote their profiles so that they appear on the top of the search results

    • Doctor Profiles:

      Doctor Profiles:

      • Ability to create healthcare provider profile Define healthcare provider specialty to enable search
      • Allow healthcare providers to post articles in rich formats (including images and videos)
      • Make healthcare providers’ posts visible to everyone