OutSquare’s telemedicine platform is a white label software platform integrated with all the features and functions you need to practice any form of medicine suitable for virtual care. As a software provider, we don’t offer medical services we simply provide the technology to fully virtualize your clinic. The platform’s single, intuitive interface enables an efficient, effective, easy to use virtual visit for both patient and provider.

We have developed OutSquare Telemedicine with an aim to achieve global connectivity for providers and patients. It is a collaboration portal for physicians and patients, which will revolutionize the way our members see a doctor. It will be an interactive portal and will give patients access to doctors from all around the world For doctors, it will be a gateway to have access to a global market, from which they can profit and earn additional revenue.

OutSquare Telemedicine is an advanced platform that will make it easier for patients to connect with doctors and will support useful features such as uploading of prescriptions, tests, and medical reports This will enable doctors to better understand a patient’s health condition The registration process for the portal will be fairly simple, and quick.  After registering on the portal, patients will have access to helpful material of their interest, which will be shared by certified doctors and nurses Furthermore, patients will have the option of generating a query, which will be free. In the query, they will explain their symptoms and seek advice regarding their condition from a certified nurse practitioner. If they would like to have further insight, then they will be able to book an online appointment with the doctor of their choice, where on the requested time, the doctor would be virtually available (via OutSquare Telemedicine’s video call). The patients will explain all their symptoms and express all their concerns, and a certified doctor will be there to help OutSquare Telemedicine will have a Shared Revenue Model ( and the revenue will be divided between care providers and OutSquare.

OutSquare Telemedicine Main Features

    • Video Appointments:

      Video Appointments:

      • Triage patients quickly without office visits
      • Remote symptom monitoring
      • Keep clinicians more safe
      • Allow affected clinicians to keep seeing patients remotely
      • Works on Android & iOS; Works on PCs and Macs

    • Secure Chat:

      Secure Chat:

      • Secure encrypted chat with the ability to share images and videos
      • Complete log of all interactions and encounters
      • available to both parties for future reference
      • Incoming message alerts on web platform as well as mobile
      • Ability to set quite hours for suppressing alerts

    • Scheduling


      • Book an appointment directly from your doctor’s profile or search for a healthcare provider by specialty
      • Intelligent scheduler manages conflicts and appointment overruns
      • Creates alerts for both healthcare provider and patients for upcoming appointments

    • Paid Promotion:

      Paid Promotion:

      • Patients and other users can search for healthcare providers based on specialty or geographic location etc
      • Healthcare providers can promote their profiles so that they appear on the top of the search results

    • Doctor Profiles:

      Doctor Profiles:

      • Ability to create healthcare provider profile Define healthcare provider specialty to enable search
      • Allow healthcare providers to post articles in rich formats (including images and videos)
      • Make healthcare providers’ posts visible to everyone