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Mental Health Support

We believe you can improve your mental health with the right tools. For this purpose we have created OutSquare TeleMed, a platform for stress management. Designed in collaboration with qualified therapists, our application assists individuals struggling with their emotional well-being by making well researched methods more accessible to them.

At the same time, users can access a library with awareness material to help them understand what they are going through. We also provide one-on-one counselling sessions with licensed mental health professionals.

Mood Journaling

Understand and analyze your concerns, fears and problems by keep a record of your feelings through our secure logs. Consistent input of similar stressors leads to awareness material or virtual counselling.

Guided Meditation

Build resilience, reduce negative emotions, and increase your patience and patience with our straightforward guided tutorials. We help you slowly build the habit of meditation.

Awareness Material

Access authentic material about your mental health concerns through the OutSquare MindHelp app. Our curated content has been reviewed by licensed mental health experts and allows licensed professionals to generate material.


We help you master this ancient art to help you improve your physical and mental health; by teaching you how to focus, remain in the present and foster acceptance.

Virtual Appointments

In addition to instructing patients on stress management techniques, our application also allows users to consult with qualified mental health professionals through our high-quality video and audio enabled platform.

Secure and Private

Our software is HIPAA, PHIPA and HITECH compliant. We ensure that all of your medical and personal data is secured and encrypted to provide you the best quality care.

Accessible mental health tools

We believe the detrimental effects of stress can be prevented. With OutSquare MindHelp you can have access to effective stress management techniques backed by decades of research such as meditation, mindfulness and journaling. We have incorporated these into our platform in a way that adapts to your hectic routine.

As a result, our platform helps individuals get started with any of these techniques. By prioritizing them on the basis of the stressors entered, our software supports users in their journey to improved mental health, better habits and greater resilience.

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