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Are you struggling with your emotional well-being? We can help! MindHelp is an application designed in collaboration with mental health professionals, to help anyone to get started with effective stress management. Without proper care, long term stress also has detrimental repercussions on your health such as cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems and an increased the risk of mortality. This is preventable, with the right methods stress can be managed. However, almost half of Americans under stress struggle with it.

Thus, we designed our application to implement tried and tested methods to improve your emotional well-being. Users can access effective techniques such as mood journaling and guided meditation. These techniques also help improve the user’s confidence, behavior and their relationship with their own mental health. Moreover, we also offer a large repository of material, customized to heighten the user’s self-awareness, help them gain perspective and boost their resilience.

For users looking for professional guidance, our app also provides features telehealth services with qualified mental health professionals. From one-on-one sessions to group appointments, users can also reduce additional costs and waiting times for in-person appointments via our telepsychiatry services. To protect your privacy, and data we ensure that all of our consultations via video call or text are HIPAA and FEPRA compliant. That is not all! The full range of features we offer are:

Main Features

    • Meditation


      Ease into the habit of meditating and, reduce mental clutter, and counter the negative effects of stress by 50%. Benefits also include an heightened memory, concentration, greater degree of inner peace and a more positive outlook. Our simple, easy to follow poses and exercises can be followed by anyone.

    • Mood Journaling

      Mood Journaling

      Maintain a journal of your moods and stressors. Create daily entries in a digital journal that can only be accessed by you. It can also be configured to send automatic alerts when a stressor has been chosen repeatedly. Consequently, it automatically leads you to stress reduction techniques like meditation.

    • Awareness Material

      Awareness Material

      Access an extensive library of material about mental health to guide you through your journey. The material has been reviewed by multiple psychologists. Qualified providers can also generate more information and, manage the awareness material from the back-end. For users, material is prioritized according to their chosen stressor.

    • Telehealth


      MindHelp’s premium feature makes it easy for both individuals and groups to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a qualified mental health care provider or counsellor anywhere, anytime. We offer text messages or video call format for consultations, all of which are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring patient privacy and security

    • Analytics


      Free customized reports are generated whenever they are needed for whatever time period. Thus, helping mental health service providers to better understand high risk groups. Statistics also include information on what resources and features are used with more frequency to help mental health service providers to tailor their services

    • Mindfulness


      Get started with this age-old practice with our straightforward guided tutorials. Learn to reconnect with yourself to enhance flexibility, self-control and tolerance in addition to reducing stress. This practice can also help you become less emotionally reactive during highly charged situations and focus on the task at hand.

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