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Reduce Physician Burnout

At OutSquare we aim to make life easier for healthcare providers and patients. Through our blockchain enabled software, we aim to create a network in which intuitions across the healthcare industry can connect and upload their information in a single place.

This way, we can tackle the factors that contribute to 53% dissatisfaction of physicians with current EHR models: the obsolete interfaces, dispersion, and lack of accessibility to patient records across institutions.


Hyperledger Fabric

Since medical data is highly confidential, we are developing a closed blockchain network in which users must be granted authorization to access medical data in our permissioned blockchain. We will manage this through Hyperledger modelling and access control languages.

Smart Contracts

To facilitate operations that would normally require third party verification services, we have been developing smart contracts. By writing down the clauses of the agreement into the lines of code for both parties, they can be automatically executed.

Identity Management

To prevent malicious entities from appropriating patient’s medical records we are developing a user authentication system. By leveraging distributed ledger technologies we will make it easy for users to maintain their privacy whilst keeping their records transparent.

Data Security

In addition of harnessing distributed ledgers to build permissioned networks, we are developing a double encryption mechanism. This way, even if a malicious entity attempts to hack into our system they will not intercept the data.

User Control

Patient data is dispersed across institutions giving an incomplete picture to physicians. Moreover, patients do not even have access to their information. We aim to give that control back by merging these records and giving permission back to patients.

Clinical Communication

Authorized physicians will be able to update and access additions in real-time. Since, all providers are interconnected, patient information is available across systems. Thus, eliminating the need to manually update patient records.

Robust Medical Records

Our blockchain enabled platform will allow users to record, exchange and update medical health records in a decentralized manner whilst keeping patient health records safe thanks to the underlying permissioned network.

Our software will allow hospitals, insurance companies, medical staff and laboratories interact with each other. As a result, stakeholders across the healthcare industry will have access to up-to-date, transparent yet secure records by deploying distributed ledger technology.

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