Powering the new era of healthcare with blockchain

In the new era of healthcare customer’s expectations have changed drastically. Our purpose is we equip organizations and individuals with the tools needed to navigate this new whirlwind of requirements to not just keep up with the industry but also to deliver healthcare in an efficient, effective and flexible manner. To do so, we have used blockchain technology to develop game changing healthcare solutions. By using features such as decentralization smart contracts, encryption and permissioned networks we have been able give rise to more efficient and effective digital tools.

This is how we have disrupted traditional electronic health records. By deploying a decentralized ledger, we consolidate a patient’s electronic health records into a single version, we make complex data straightforward. We also remove the discrepancies in the records available to different physicians, insurance companies and healthcare providers. Furthermore, we ensure that transactions across the blockchain are verified swiftly, and users can automate processes that are normally validated by a professional by using smart contracts to automatically execute agreements.

Our customers can also seamlessly develop blockchain based applications and healthcare platforms because we provide the architecture needed and seamlessly integrates patient data as well. However, that is not all, since we empower patients to take control of their data by using permissioned networks to choose how much and for how long which healthcare institution, provider or professional can receive access to their data. This way, our customers can develop cost effective healthcare solutions that improve the quality of patient care delivered.

Main Features

    • Hyperledger Fabric

      Hyperledger Fabric

      Medical data is sensitive both legally and socially. Hence, by developing Hyperledger based blockchain, it is possible to build permissioned networks that can accommodate the need for multiple layers of permission. This way users can obtain control over their information. In addition, the modular architecture delivers a greater degree of resilience, flexibility and secrecy.

    • Ethereum and Smart contracts

      Ethereum and Smart contracts

      Documentation that requires professional or notary services are automated thanks to Smart Contracts. By writing requirements into the lines of code they can be executed automatically when the requirements are met. As a result, the 3.8 hours that a physician spends on billing and insurance on average can be eliminated saving costs.

    • Healthcare platform

      Healthcare platform

      Our blockchain platform is ideal for application development and services to be built. Hence, setting up an electronic healthcare platform can be done in efficient and effective manner. What is more, the user’s data can seamlessly be integrated with the applications and services to make the healthcare platform more accessible to existing users.

    • Identity Management

      Identity Management

      To prevent malicious entities from mimicking and stealing user identities, we use biometric identification. This simple authentication mechanism helps us manage patient identities and ensure data is protected against identity fraud. This not only allows our platform to protect a user’s identity but also provides privacy to every user by employing blockchain.

    • User Control

      User Control

      Our platform allows users obtain complete control of their health records. Patients have the authority to designate how long another user can make queries, update their data into the blockchain and, are provided with a full log of who has accessed their information. Finally, only approved healthcare professionals can read and write on patient records.

    • Health Data Revolution

      Health Data Revolution

      Our platform seeks to unite different medical data such as anatomical, physiological, genomic, biological, environmental and many more into a single database. We believe that by connecting these research and healthcare professionals will have unparalleled insight into their patient’s healthcare conditions. As a result, this will provide lower costs, and quality patient outcomes.

    • Patient Safety

      Patient Safety

      Users usually have control over who can and cannot access their medical information. However, to guarantee patient safety when they are incapacitated during an emergency, basic information is viewable such patient name, medications, allergies and next of kin. This vital information, not the patient entire record would be available to help healthcare professionals deliver quality care to the patient.

    • Clinical Communication

      Clinical Communication

      With our blockchain platform medical records are integrated into a single unique version. This alongside the multiple features we have developed platform that allows physicians to communicate with each other with ease, update the patient data viewing changes real time and, finally, remove the need to manually transfer information from one system to another.

    • Health Insurance and Transparency cost benefits

      Health Insurance and Transparency cost benefits

      Health premiums do not always accurately match a patient’s needs. Often, patients provide inaccurate medical information which leads to denied patient claims. To prevent this, our blockchain enabled EHR allows patients to access their medical records and are rewarded for health milestones they achieve. Thus, resulting in more accurate assessments on a patient’s health.