OutSquare BaaS

Managed Blockchain Environments

We can help you adapt create, manage and setup blockchain networks to become leaders within the healthcare industry with our platform OutSquare BaaS. Our services allow users to access cloud based environment in which they can build and host their own blockchain enabled applications.

Now that patients want more from healthcare, we assist organizations in leveraging and managing their distributed ledgers to reduce data inconsistency, harness medical data, and decrease data dependency.

Functional API

To provide a secure communication protocol, functional APIs are used. These behave as a bridge between the application layer and the underlying blockchain network. Thus, the developed APIs are protected.

Business Logic

Business Logic contains a Code Repository (CR) and Business Rule Engine (BRE). Business logic rules are contained in the CR. It is the business rule engine that takes these rules and processes, verifies, and executes them.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our platform enables multiple organizations to coexist with each other. We provide private channels with limited message pathways that ensure the privacy and secrecy of transactions of users in the network.

Security and Immutability

The encryption methods used, the distributed nature of the ledger, and the agreement of the participants on transactional changes that take place via cryptographic signatures, make our platform intrinsically safe.

Layer Modeling

The modeling layer offers a safe Application Layer interface via which a OutSquare BaaS Network and Application Layer can communicate. The three principal components of the modeling layer are Security API, Business Logic, and Functional API.

Create and Deploy Blockchain Faster

Our cost effective services can help you develop and deploy solutions that integrate multiple features of distributed ledger and blockchain. We ensure that you are provided with a robust infrastructure that is maintained. Moreover, our frameworks were designed to help you create effective solutions for the healthcare industry.

Developers ensure the safety and genuineness of data by designating user permission. Thus, only authorized users can have the same access and network connectivity rights as other users, read and verify information before it is placed on the block.

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Create and Deploy Blockchain Faster

Our cost effective services can help you develop and deploy more distributed ledger solutions for the healthcare industry